Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giving Thanks to God

We went down to Iowa for Thanksgiving. 
Here we are eating. 
This is our cute cousin, "Samo" 
Here he is driving the tractor. *just kidding*
This is our Grandma and Grandpa. 
Holding off the enemy. 
Even Mama shot! 
Here is Papa, loading the gun. 
Our cousin, River. 
This is Jeremiah firing at the "enemy" - actually the clay pigeons, as you can see. 
People took turns firing Grandpa's pistol. 
Here is Grandpa shooting his pistol. 
Elijah ready to shoot the clay pigeons. 
We fired until it got dark. 
Jonathan with ear plugs in, because the gun shots were really loud. 
As you may see, we won the war!  :) 
This is the next day. 
Here is a squirrel we saw up in the tree. 
Here are Teddy and Rosie, our cute doggies.

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