Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our trip to Texas

Last month, we were in Texas and we stayed for a week.   Papa and one of his friends were selling syrup and we stayed at some friends' houses.  We played baseball, army guys, we helped with some chores on the farm, and because it was hot, we stayed inside some of the time. Here are some pictures from our trip to Texas.

This is when we were going to leave the Beach's house to go to the Heaney's. 
Elijah was taking pictures of us. 
Christian was tackling him. 
They are playing four square. 
This is the Beach family. 
Elijah was taking pictures of the army men. 
This kitty is taking a fun "ride". 
The Heaney's have chickens. 
Jeremiah liked the kitties.  
This is one of their dogs. 
Some people slept in the truck when we were driving.

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