Friday, December 30, 2011

Jonathan's 7th Birthday

Jonathan's tallest tower.

Dear Jonathan,

I am so happy that it is your birthday.  You are such a nice brother and helper.  I love you!


Our family went to a park very near to our house and Elijah and Jeremiah tried to shoot us. They got us a couple of times, but we escaped most of the time. 
Jonathan and Christian.
Jeremiah and Jonathan.
Elijah and Jonathan. 
Jonathan and Hannah. 
Jonathan hit the ball out of the park...TOTALLY! 
Here he is, running home!  YAY! 
Jonathan shot the bow at an archery range. 
We were putting pavers down and Jonathan and I played in the sand.  We made a fort. 
Jonathan loves the puppies! 

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The Armour Family said...

Happy Birthday, Jonnie Boy! I love you so much!